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Nursery Details
Care Inspectorate Service Number CS2003014745
Principal Kirsten McWilliams (Acting)
Ages 2 - 5 years
Number of places 81 places
Opening hours

Entitlement for 3-5 year olds:

Morning session: 7.55 - 12.30, 50 weeks

Afternoon session: 12.45 - 5.20, 50 weeks

Term time: 8.45 - 2.45

Eligible 2 year olds:

Term time: 8.45 – 2.45

All other patterns of attendance in agreement with the Principal Officer

Inspection report Education Scotland Inspection Reports
  Care Inspectorate
Performance information Parentzone Centre and performance data

Childcare Information Service

Out of school care No
Out of school opening hours


Meals School Meals Service
Menu information Menus
Eco-school status Silver