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Access to learning

Your child’s school or Early Learning and Childcare Centre will provide specific details on any work they wish your child to complete while not at school. A text message will be issued to all parents and carers with details of how to access learning resources. This will include use of, our virtual learning environment, as well as providing practical activities for children to complete away from a screen.

Home Learning Challenges

Alongside the learning resources provided for your child from their school and/or Early Learning and Childcare Centre, there will be more general weekly ‘Home Learning Challenges’. These will be fun games and activities linked to learning that you can do at home with your children:

Monday Week 11

Wednesday Week 10

Monday Week 10

Wednesday Week 9

Monday Week 9

Wednesday Week 8

Monday Week 8

Wednesday Week 7

Monday Week 7

Wednesday Week 6

Monday Week 6

Wednesday Week 5

Monday Week 5


Monday Week 3

Wednesday Week 2

Monday Week 2

Wednesday Week 1

Monday Week 1