The Council’s Facilities Management Service operates Breakfast Clubs and lunch service across our schools and also provides lunches, morning and afternoon snacks in Early Years establishments. Our in-house teams prepare meals and snacks on-site in the majority of our premises using fresh provisions, where at all possible.  Where it is not possible to cook onsite, we export meals, which have been freshly prepared and cooked on the same day as they are being served, from one site to another.

Our experienced Catering staff prepare around 1 million meals per annum in line with the relevant Scottish Government and NHS standards. Our snack and meal provision has recently been increasing to support the expansion of Early Years provision and it is estimated that this will add an extra 250,000 lunches to our service. All Nursery children and pupils in Primaries 1 - 5 are entitled to a free school meal.

All of our school meal menus are compliant with the Nutritional Requirements for Food and Drink in Schools (Scotland) Regulations 2020 (as updated in 2021).  Our  school meals service provides lunches which are healthy, tasty and nutritious and which include a daily selection of fresh fruit and vegetables.

  • All Catering staff are trained in food hygiene, hold an Elementary Food Hygiene Certificate and receive regular refresher training – in addition Catering Managers and Cooks all hold an Intermediate Food Hygiene Certificate and our staff also receive staff training on the ‘Food for Life Served Here’ standards.
  • All kitchens follow HACCP guidance and comply with Environmental Health legislation. The catering staff are also trained in nutrition and Allergen Awareness.

Pupils can choose to have a soup and main course or a main course and a dessert when available and fresh fruit salad is available daily .  Our menus rotate on a 4 weekly cycle and are published on the Council’s website.  If there is a requirement to amend a recipe or make a substitutions, we will let you know.   A school meal costs £2.65 daily except for all pupils in Early Years establishments and Primaries 1-5 who are currently entitled to a free school lunch.

What is in our school lunches?

We are proud to use Scottish produce where we can. Meals are freshly prepared and use seasonal ingredients where possible.  Menus are published on our website and they highlight any seasonal ingredients.  Full recipes are available by clicking on each dish.

Our products include:

  • Free range eggs
  • Meat from animals farmed to British Welfare Standards
  • Fish from sustainable sources and Marine Stewardship Council certified.
  • Poultry is UK Farm Assured.

Menus are free from GM ingredients and undesirable additives and Allergens are clearly identified.


A Food and Nutrition Co-ordinator is employed as part of the Catering team. Menu design requires to meet strict nutritional standards set by Scottish Government (for schools) and NHS (for Early Years) however menu planning involves consultation with pupils and parents/guardians. The consultation gathers information on views regarding the current food served, meal ideas and the dining experience.  The children's views and ideas are an important factor when developing menus.

Generally, pupil participation is strong - pupils make a valuable contribution to school improvement by influencing decisions, particularly in relation to school meals.  Our aim is to create a healthy and nutritious menu which meets the legislative standards, which  meets pupil expectations and to also make lunch time in the dining hall a positive experience.

Catering staff are also involved in menu development as they understand the challenges of meeting the required nutritional standards whilst ensuring that the meals provided meet the requirements and expectations of their young customers.

The benefits of having a Primary school lunch:

  • Food prepared fresh daily by trained catering staff, many of whom are also parents
  • A delicious and varied menu offering great value
  • A complete school meal provides at least 1/3 of a child’s daily nutritional needs

We support a healthier diet with:

  • A minimum of two portions vegetables and one portion of fruit daily
  • Reduced fat, saturated fat and salt content (including limited fried foods)
  • Limited sugar and sugar-based items on the menu
  • Inclusion of oily fish

In addition to the main course we offer:

  • A selection of bread
  • Salads, carbohydrates and vegetables
  • A dessert choice 2 or 3 times a week with fresh fruit salad available every day
  • Freshly made soup up to 3 times a week

Medically prescribed diet, Special Diets and Allergy information

Special diets

  • If your child requires a special diet for medical reasons, you should obtain a Medically prescribed diet, or intolerance registration form from the school office and complete and submit it  to the Head Teacher  along with an accompanying letter from a medical practitioner or dietician confirming the specific details of the diagnosis.  Your child’s requirements will then be communicated to the Facilities Management Service who will review, discuss and advise accordingly.
  • Any pupil who requires a Vegetarian, Vegan or Halal menu can request this through our Special diet request form also available from the school office.
  • We cannot accept verbal requests because the diet a child eats can affect their health, both now and later in life and it is therefore important that any specific requirements are fully documented and reviewed.
  • Once the form is processed you will be contacted by member of our Team to discuss your child’s dietary needs. A record will then be kept in the Menu Development data base and the school kitchen. All catering staff will be made aware of your child’s diet requirements.
  • Please note that it is your responsibility to inform us about changes in your child dietary needs/changes of school, contact details, etc.  Every effort will be made to accommodate your child's needs.
  • Our school and nursery menus are published on the Council’s website and include full Allergy information. This will ensure you can check the Allergens in every recipe which we are producing and enable you to decide on suitable meals for your child.

We welcome any feedback you may have - if you have any suggestions or require any information, please email to: Facilities Management

Our catering service in Primary and Nursery have all achieved the Soil Associations ‘Food for Life Served Here’ Bronze Award.    We are proud of our catering provision and continually strive to provide an excellent quality service in line with national standards and guidelines - the Nutritional Requirements for Food and Drink in Schools (Scotland) Regulations 2008 (updated 2021).