1. Introduction
  2. How does the Council procure?
  3. How can my business be informed of contract opportunities?
  4. What are our current and forthcoming procurements?
  5. Preparing a Quote / Tender Response
  6. Decision and award
  7. Feedback
  8. How can I find out more about the Council’s procurement processes and requirements?
  9. Useful contacts

5. Preparing a Quote / Tender Response


  • Review your policies on a regular basis to ensure that they comply
    with current legislation
  • Attend any site meetings, even if you already know the Council
  • Consider what the Council wants - a generic answer does not necessarily
    meet the Council’s needs
  • Answer the question - it is not enough to refer to a ‘policy’ or previous response
  • Provide information in the required format
  • Check the mandatory questions - not providing a reply or detailing “N/A”
    could disqualify your tender response
  • Provide clear contact details, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses
  • Reference your documents correctly, give documents names that make it clear what they are and where supporting documentation is to be found
  • Check the word count and keep within the maximum number of words or
    characters that are allowed
  • Check you have included all relevant enclosures and they are in date,
    they may not be accepted later
  • Check you have signed each page as required - if it says Managing Director,
    then that is what is required
  • Draft your responses offline - proof read, spell check and then copy and paste into the online response form
  • Be careful to load attachments into the correct sections
  • Leave plenty of time for uploading by setting a cut-off point that is at least
    a day ahead of the deadline - we are legally bound to disqualify late quote/tender responses.


  • Copy and paste from a previous document or from the previous
    quote/tender response
  • Send brochures and marketing information that have not been requested
  • Seek to influence the process by requesting meetings or contacting the
    Council to discuss your quote/tender
  • Seek changes to the documentation after the submission date and time has passed
  • Be complacent.