57 people responded to the SurveyMonkey on Community Budgeting Phase 5.

  • 14.04% G60
  • 45.61% G81
  • 22.81% G8217.54% G83

Almost 65% of respondents submitted an application for Phase 5 & 29% voting using our online voting platform.

We asked if Phase 5 being a digital experience presented any difficulties for respondents or their group. Opinion on this was split, 42% of respondents answered yes and 58% answered no.

We asked what could be put in place to support groups & individuals to develop digital skills.

Some of the most common responses were as follows:

  • More funding for literacy & IT skills in poorer areas.
  • Make the process simpler with less steps to follow
  • One to one help and advice.
  • Voting in libraries with volunteers to assist those who have no access to computers / internet.

We also asked what some of the positives of Phase 5 were:

  • Wide range of local groups being allocated funding.
  • Large number of applications received.
  • Online process was well done given Covid restrictions.
  • Good to use social media to canvas for votes.
  • Clear application process

21% of respondents found out about CB5 on social media, 14% by the Council website and 51% by email.

Respondents were asked if the application process was easy to understand. An overwhelming majority (79%) voted yes. Some of the comments from those that voted no included:

  • The application form is not compatible with tablets and iPads.
  • Use plain language.

We asked if the voting site was easy to use. 62% voted yes and 38% voted no. When asked how to make it easier to vote, common suggestions were;

  • Improve sign in / registration process.
  • Include submit button to avoid uncertainty as to whether votes would count.
  • Make it easier to search for groups.
  • Simplify registration process - one click process.
  • Consider those with autism and other learning disabilities when designing site.

We asked if the Communities Team were helpful & available to respond to queries. 81% of respondents voted yes.

Other common comments we received include:

  • Make use of postal / in person votes to avoid digital exclusion.
  • Votes should be ranked.
  • Weighting for smaller groups.