Your Community : Your Choice is West Dunbartonshire’s version of participatory budgeting, an initiative that gives local people a direct say in how a portion of our budget is spent.
Your Community: Your Choice will be the Council’s first cycle of this new form of democracy, and it will give our citizens an opportunity to say what is important to them and decide on how a set amount of our budget is spent.

Between November 21 – March 22, residents of Clydebank will have the chance to influence how to spend £100,000 of public money. This will be our Pilot Project and the money will be used to develop Environmental Projects which can Improve Health & Well Being.

This guidance document sets out the process for Your Community : Your Choice in 2021/22 and gives details on how you can get involved. Guidance will continue to be developed across the project as Participatory Budgeting grows over the coming years with more information to be added.

What is Participatory Budgeting?

Participatory Budgeting (PB) is about local people having a direct say in how to spend part of a public budget.

When done right, it can build stronger and better engaged communities.
There are three simple steps to carrying out Participatory Budgeting:

  • The public generate ideas on budget spending.
  • People vote for their priorities.
  • Resources are directed to the ideas with the most votes

During this phase of PB, the budget that can be influenced will from Greenspace and the Heath & Social Care Partnership.

How Your Community : Your Choice works

Anyone who lives in Clydebank can give us their idea through our website ( or by filling in an Idea Form which is available by email, on our website or in a number of locations across the authority. Our project team, which will be made up of Council officers and members of the public, will then check that ideas fit our criteria and look at costings and resources.

Our Pilot Programme will focus on Clydebank and therefore only residents of Clydebank will be able to participate in the pilot.  Clydebank has been chosen by the relevant service areas (Greenspace & HSCP).

The budget contribution from HSCP was secured as it is aligned with Shaping Places and the planning team which has focus on Clydebank already.  Final proposals will be published for voting on our website.

How do I get involved with the Project Team?

Any members of the public of high school age (S1) and above can apply to be on our project team. To find out more or to apply, please email

Please note that anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult e.g. parent / youth worker.

What criteria must idea proposals meet?

In order for ideas to be taken forward to voting, they must meet the following criteria;

Participatory Budget Criteria
Criteria Description
Scope Does the idea fit with what we can spend money on? The money can be used for Environmental projects in Clydebank which will improve walking & cycling routes or general Health & Well Being. Any bid must focus on one idea and not involve multiple ideas on one Idea Form
Budget For this pilot project there is an overall budget of £100,000.
Cost How much will your idea cost? Ideas must be • individual ideas must not exceed £100,000 – think big! We would like to hear your ideas no matter how big they may be. Relevant service areas will cost ideas and offer guidance.
Planning Has the work or anything similar already been planned? If there is similar work underway or planned this could affect the idea. All ideas will be reviewed by Council service areas. Where similar work is already planned, ideas will not be progressed. Advice will be provided should this be the case.
Design Will additional work be needed? Ideas will be looked at to see if they require Planning permission, building warrants or any design work and if this can be done in time.
Procurement Does the idea meet the way the Council commissions work? The Council has to follow legal guidelines on how it buys materials and commissions services. Any ideas must fit within this process.
Site / Location Does the Council own any land or facility the idea affects? Legally the Council can only work on its own land and facilities. This pilot project is focused on Clydebank only. Any idea that involves other land owners would need to demonstrate that they could work readily in partnership with the Council.
Timescales Following the vote, the Council will commit to progressing the ideas within the year.

Who will do what?


  • Eligible citizens can be part of the whole process even if it is only to vote. Citizens can:
  • Help to identify local issues and priorities;
  • Propose an idea;
  • Provide input and feedback on ideas;
  • Volunteer to be a Budget Delegate;
  • Vote on final spending proposals.

Budget Delegates

Budget Delegates have a key role to play in Your Community : Your Choice. It is important to involve citizens at all stages of Your Community: Your Choice.

Budget Delegates will be members of the Project Team and will work with Council officers to help turn ideas in to workable spending proposals that will be put forward to the Voting stage by:

  • discussing the ideas based on defined criteria;
  • developing full spending proposals;
  • being available for publicity and promotion (optional);
  • monitoring and providing feedback on progress with implementation of spending proposals;
  • evaluating Your Community –Your Choice to support improvements for future years.

For the purpose of the pilot which will be focused on Clydebank, we are inviting only those who residents from Clydebank to volunteer as a Budget Delegate.

If you are able to commit some time over a six week period, between November 2021 & March 2022 we would really like to hear from you.

Please contact us to get in involved or for more information;

Communities Team

The Communities Team will help citizens participate in the process through promoting all of the ways to get involved. They will:

  • facilitate discussions and meetings and help all participants to take part;
  • act as the main point of contact between the Council staff and communities;
  • act as the main contact between Council staff and Budget Delegates
  • encourage and support citizens to consider the role of Budget Delegate

Project Team

The project team will ideally be chaired by the service area and will have officers from across Council services to work with Budget Delegates to:

  • communicate progress on ideas/proposals;
  • provide information on budget funds and past/planned spending;
  • develop the process including criteria for screening ideas alongside budget delegates;
  • offer feedback and technical assistance on spending proposals;
  • verify the eligibility of ideas/proposals against the set criteria in collaboration with Budget Delegates;
  • facilitate and oversee online participation;
  • co‐ordinate the vote and count;
  • provide regular updates on website of progress through all stages of the process.

Officers from Greenspace & the Health & Social Care Partnership

These service’s will:

  • provide relevant background information about their service, including budgets, planned work and the types of ideas/proposals that are feasible;
  • assess the feasibility of all ideas/spending proposals;
  • provide cost estimates for all ideas/spending proposals;
  • implement the spending proposals which receive the most votes in each ward; provide updates on progress of implementing the proposals;
  • promote Your Community : Your Choice and encourage participation with people they come into contact with.
  • participate in evaluation of Your Community : Your Choice.

Other Council Service teams

Will support the Project Team to:

  • Promote Your Community : Your Choice with people who use their service;
  • Distribute information;
  • Raise awareness and encourage participation;
  • Organise sessions where relevant

Is help to complete an application available?

Yes. If you aren’t sure if your idea fits in with Your Community : Your Choice or you need to speak to someone about your application, help will be available.
You can contact the Communities Team for support at