Published 12 August 2022

Dog owners in West Dunbartonshire are being urged to do the right thing by cleaning up properly after their pets.

Any irresponsible owner who leaves behind poo or used poo bags in the area’s green spaces could face an £80 fixed penalty fine for the disgusting behaviour.

They are being reminded to either dispose of the waste responsibly, by placing in one of hundreds of public bins, or take it home with them to get rid of it.

Councillor David McBride, Convener of Infrastructure, Regeneration and Economic Development met with tenants of Willox Park sheltered housing complex in Dumbarton this week to highlight how thoughtless disposal of dog waste can negatively impact upon other residents.

The complex is a popular route for dog walkers, and while the majority are respectful of their surroundings, others leave unwanted reminders of their visit including fouling and poo bags in private household bins.

Councillor McBride said: “We recognise that the large majority of dog owners are responsible, and we are grateful to them for helping us to keep West Dunbartonshire clean and safe for all.

“Our message is to those irresponsible dog owners who frequently leave mess behind – please do the right thing and change your behaviour.

“Inconsiderate disposal of dog mess affects the whole community and what has been happening at Willox Park is a perfect example of that.

“While residents here have said they always welcome dog walkers, they simply ask that those passing through remember it is their home, garden and sheltered space.  

“It is not fair that they should experience issues with bags of dog poo being placed in their private household waste bins, or that their gardens, outdoor seating areas and clothes poles should be polluted with dog waste which they then need to clean themselves.”

Any dog owner using the area at Willox Park is also being asked to keep their pet on a lead at all times while they pass through.

Ruth Dickinson, Chair of the Willox Park Tenant and Residents’ Association, added: “We don’t mind people coming to enjoy the gardens but we would like dog owners to be more considerate.

“Some let their dog off the lead and don’t notice it doing the toilet so, therefore, can’t pick it up.

“It’s also common for owners to drop the poo bags into our private bins which is awful every time we open the lid.”

As part of the Council’s drive to reduce dog waste, it provides free biodegradable dog poo bags which can be collected from a number of locations around West Dunbartonshire. For further information, please visit:

The Council’s Neighbourhood Team are able to issued fixed penalty fines to any dog owner who is caught leaving dog mess behind.