Published 09 December 2022

Four new gritters are hitting the streets in West Dunbartonshire this winter as part of the Council’s aim to keep streets safe.

More than 4000 tonnes of salt will be spread around West Dunbartonshire while 450 of grit bins will be kept stocked for residents to have access to.

The team who have been on 24-hour standby since October have already been out a number of times as the temperatures get colder in West Dunbartonshire.

And with weather forecasted to dip below freezing as we move further into December, the teams will be hard at work ensuring the safety of those driving and walking in West Dunbartonshire.

Councillor David McBride, Convener of Infrastructure, Regeneration and Economic Development, who visited the site, said: “The roads workforce have been hard at work preparing for the winter ahead, and the updated vehicles and replenished grit for this year will ensure our staff have the best equipment for the job ahead. Residents also have the advantage of grit bins within their neighbourhoods and we would encourage everyone to look out for their neighbours and loved ones during the colder weather.”

Councillor Lawrence O’Neill Vice Convener of Infrastructure, Regeneration & Economic Development, added while at the site visit: “It is great to see the teams so prepared, as we’re all aware dropping temperatures can occur suddenly and ice and snow may cause some delays to travel, but the public can rest assured that we will make every effort to keep West Dunbartonshire moving in all conditions.”