Published 22 November 2022

West Dunbartonshire Council has joined a nationwide campaign to combat violence against women and encourage more diversity in the workforce.

The Equally Safe at Work pledge, run by charity Close the Gap will see the Council engage in a variety of activities over the next 18 months, including creating policies and procedures to help progress sex and gender equality in the workplace and better support victim-survivors of violence against women.

Council Leader Martin Rooney, said: “The council places a high focus on gender equality. It’s crucial that every employee at work feels safe and supported in West Dunbartonshire Council and I’m very pleased that we have joined this initiative. We will be undertaking a number of activities to progress sex and gender equality and receive the resources to better support victim of violence and enable us to create procedures and guidelines that more accurately reflect the requirements of every Council employee.”

Chief Executive Peter Hessett, said: “We are pleased to announce that West Dunbartonshire Council is participating in the Equally Safe at Work accreditation programme. We understand that eliminating sex and gender disparity in the workplace is an important  step in ending sex and gender inequality and decreasing violence against women. By participating in this programme, we will be sector leaders demonstrating our commitment to gender equality. This programme will enable us to review and update policies and practices to ensure they are reflective of the needs of all council employees.”