Published 14 October 2022

Staff at Blairvadach Children’s House have been hailed for displaying the highest standards of professionalism in their work with young people in their care.

Blairvadach – a residential care home operated by West Dunbartonshire HSCP – was awarded the maximum Grade 6 status following a recent unannounced inspection.

The Care Inspectorate’s rating confirms the home as ‘an exceptional model of practice’ with extremely talented staff who are caring and confident in the delivery of their work. 

The report identified that young people benefited significantly from highly individualised care delivered through meaningful relationships.

Inspectors observed that young people were supported by an outstandingly skilled and sensitive team that resulted in them being safely and meaningfully connected to their families.

Feedback from families indicated that they also felt supported as staff demonstrated a positive manner and helped them to feel engaged without prejudice. Care plans were viewed as ‘beautifully unique’ to each child.

The report adds that young people were listened to and their views were central to every aspect of service design and delivery. It was clear that staff were invested in the children and that respectful relationships were developed, enabling and challenging children to reach their individual aspirations.

Young people enjoyed exciting and innovative opportunities and were encouraged to be a part of the wider community while living at Blairvadach.

The Care Inspectorate’s service-leading rating was warmly welcomed by Councillor Michelle McGinty, Chair of West Dunbartonshire HSCP, who said: “To receive a sector-leading rating of 6 is a massive achievement that reflects the dedication and willingness of staff to go the extra mile on a daily basis.

“We are delighted that the report recognises the nurturing, caring and young person-centred approach that underpins the whole ethos at Blairvadach.

“This maximum ‘Excellent’ rating is rare and hard to achieve so we pass on our congratulations – and our thanks – for all they do to make a positive difference to the lives of the young people in their care.”

HSCP Vice Chair Rona Sweeney added: “It’s heartening to see the exceptional standards of support provided to vulnerable young people in their time of need.

“The outstanding contribution of the staff at Blairvadach House is genuinely life-changing – and in some cases life-saving – so they should be immensely proud of themselves to see their dedication recognised in such glowing terms.”

In recognition of this success, Blairvadach House manager Alexis Mulvenna was honoured at last week’s West Dunbartonshire HSCP Staff Awards, winning the title of Leader of the Year. The Blairvadach staff also claimed runner-up in the Team of the Year category.