Published 19 October 2022

A new system which allows Council tenants to access and update their information online has been launched.

The self-service portal means tenants will be able to log on to check the status of their tenancy, log repairs, make rent payments and access general information about their property.

The portal provides an additional route of engaging with the Council, alongside other methods already in place.

Further information on how to sign up to use and access the portal is available here: My West Dunbartonshire (

Councillor Gurpreet Singh Johal, Convener of Housing and Communities, said: “We put the tenant experience at the heart of our work and anything that makes things easier for them is worthwhile. The self-service portal will mean tenants are able to log in quickly at a time and place that suits them, and have all the information they need at their fingertips.”

Councillor Hazel Sorrell, Vice Convener of Housing and Communities added: “We want tenants to be able to find out the information they need from us easily so the self-service portal is a great addition. Not only can they can access their details as and when they need to, they can also check the status of any repairs and make sure they are up to date with rent.”

Work is ongoing on a second phase of the portal, which will see its capabilities extended so tenants can request changes to their tenancy and view and manage housing applications through simple online forms.