Published 28 September 2022

The attainment of school pupils in West Dunbartonshire has increased across every primary age group.

A report to the Educational Services Committee shows a steady improvement in reading, writing and numeracy since 2017.

The report shows an increase in literacy attainment up nine per cent to 71%; numeracy up six per cent to 78% with the greatest increase in primary four pupils who achieved a 13% increase in writing and a nine per cent increase in numeracy.

Attainment levels in primary school for 2021/2022 show an overall improvement with a five per cent increase in reading, an eight per cent increase in writing and a six per cent increase in numeracy.

Figures show 91% of pupils maintained or improved their performance in literacy and 81% in numeracy.

The attainment gap for literacy and numeracy in primary one to six narrowed from six to four percentage points, and showed an increase in primary seven of four percentage points.   

In secondary schools, 40% improved or maintained their performance in literacy and numeracy, while 82% of pupils achieved the Curriculum for Excellence Levels in S3 in literacy, with 88% achieving the same in numeracy. Convener of Educational Services, Councillor Clare Steel, said: “The figures show overall pupils are attaining in their education in both primary and secondary schools with very slight decrease in secondary schools. We know our education staff have worked hard to overcome the challenges faced by pupils during the pandemic. We will continue to work with our pupils and families to overcome the small decreases we see this year and strive to ensure every pupil reaches their full potential during their time at school and beyond.”

Vice Convener of Educational Services, Councillor Michelle McGinty, said: “Looking at the figures overall it is pleasing to see the increase in performance and we know the areas where improvement is required.

It’s clear we have overcome a very difficult time in education and I’m confident the service is moving in the right direction and our aim remains to ensure every pupil in West Dunbartonshire learns and achieves at school.”