Published 08 September 2022

Pupils at Kilpatrick School are participating in a range of fun outdoor learning activities as part of a partnership with the Scout Association.

The learning, which is part of the school’s curriculum, offers engaging learning experiences to pupils in the Additional Support for Learning (ASL) School.

Scouts outside the school

The school has established Scouting groups with pupils in S1, S2 and S3 and 60 pupils have successfully gone through the formal process of becoming members of the 1st Kilpatrick Scouts. In addition, one former pupil and two teachers are now Scout Leaders.

The Scout programme allows leaders to support pupils to set realistic and measurable goals to achieve their full physical, intellectual and social potential. Pupils also learn skills including self-reliance, adaptability and the ability to help others as well as life-long skills like thinking ahead, working as a team, leading and taking responsibility for themselves and others.

Councillor Clare Steel, Convener of Educational Services, said: “This is a great way for pupils to learn outwith the traditional classroom time. Children and young people who attend ASL schools can sometimes find it difficult to access clubs and extra- curricular activities in the community and I am delighted to see Kilpatrick School, with the support of the Scouting Association, striving to close that ‘poverty of experience’ gap that our children and young people can face. Young people love being part of an organisation that offers fun and engaging activities that they can share together. The pupils who are part of this group are growing in confidence and learning new skills which will be invaluable to them in years to come.”

Scouts on a grass area

Councillor Michelle McGinty, Vice Chair of Educational Services, said: “It is exciting to hear how over the past couple of years the pupils at Kilpatrick have been learning new skills from the scouts and how well it has worked for all of the pupils and teachers involved.

It has enabled young people who may not be able to cope in a traditional learning environment to thrive and this must be particularly pleasing for the school and their families. The outcomes of this partnership with the scouts have been so successful that the school hopes to train the teachers who have been involved to become Scout Leaders too.”

Donald Gordon, Chair of the West Region Scouts, said: “West Region Scouts is proud of the collaborative partnership it has established with Kilpatrick School and the opportunity to enable pupils in S1, S2 and S3 to join Scouting in the 1st Kilpatrick Scout Troop and achieve and reach their full potential.

“In the coming months we want to develop this partnership to enable the Scouts to access more adventurous activities, such as kayaking on Loch Lomond and to make this happen, we will work with the school, the Council, Dunbartonshire District Scouts and the local community.

“To develop Scouting at Kilpatrick School, we need to attract more individuals who have the time and enthusiasm to become Leaders. Whatever your background or ability, there is a volunteer spot available to help the Scouts at Kilpatrick School.”

Anyone interested in getting involved with Scouting should contact Lead Volunteer John Kitson at