Published 28 September 2022

A new framework for education in West Dunbartonshire is being introduced to ensure standards continue to rise across all establishments.

The agreed framework will enable the service to share good practice and highlight any areas for improvement.

The Quality Framework has 25 indicators and six key themes which will be used over the next three years to assess the quality of education.

The council will focus on empowerment; sustainability and wellbeing to ensure children, young people and families are included, engaged and empowered in learning.

Convener of Educational Services, Councillor Clare Steel, said: “I welcome this Quality Framework as a means of building on our performance, as well as raising attainment and achievement for all our learners. We have many dedicated teachers and support staff across all our schools and ELCCs who are committed to the education of the children and young people in our establishments. This unified framework will, through self-evaluation and external scrutiny, evaluate performance across our establishments and ensure children and young people thrive in their education and beyond.”

Vice Convener of Educational Services, Councillor Michelle McGinty, said: “This new framework will encourage us to use the information we have to review and build on and improve our overall quality. The information gained through this process can then be used to create agreed targeted action points which, in turn, will lead to further improvement. As a Council we are committed to the education of our children and we strive to maintain and enhance the quality of our education provision. We will encourage feedback from our children and their families to ensure their views are included and through this partnership we will strengthen and uphold the services we deliver.”

The progress of the Quality Framework will be available on the Council’s website and reports of key achievements will be brought to future meetings of the Educational Services Committee.