Published 22 December 2023

West Dunbartonshire Council has agreed to a 100 percent increase in Council Tax on second homes which will help generate revenue.

A report presented at a Council meeting on Wednesday outlined the change which will be implemented from April 1st 2024 and brings the Council Tax charges levied on second homes in line with those for long term unoccupied dwellings.

The rise in Council Tax for second homes could generate up to almost £82,000 during the next financial year based on the 58 properties currently classed as second homes within the region.

A property is regarded as being a second home if it isn’t someone’s sole or main residence; if it is furnished and is lived in for at least 25 days of the year.

The intention of the legislation is to encourage second homes to become someone’s sole or main residence therefore it is likely the potential income will reduce in future years.  However if owners make second homes their sole residence, their previous properties then become available, bringing a benefit to the wider community.

Convener of Corporate Services, Councillor Daniel Lennie said: “I am pleased that West Dunbartonshire Council will adopt this policy in increasing the Council Tax rate on properties which are second homes.

“During a challenging time financially for local authorities, it is important that the Council has the power to raise funds which can be used to protect our key frontline services.”

Vice Convener of Corporate Services, Councillor Michelle McGinty said: “I welcome this step to generate revenue which will help in maintaining services the Council provides as we face a significant funding gap.

“Not only that but it could also help in bringing properties back onto the market, an added bonus for communities.”