Published 10 July 2023

A Royal Gun Salute marking the end of the year-long celebrations of Dumbarton’s 800th Anniversary was enjoyed by residents and history enthusiasts at the weekend.

The salute, sounded by the 207 Battery Royal Artillery, was led by Provost Douglas McAllister  accompanied by the Depute Provost John Millar,  Lord Lieutenant Jill Young, Councillors and members of the Police and Scottish Fire, Armed Forces and residents to witness the unique occasion.

Provost McAllister delivered a speech highlighting the significance of the occasion and the history and heritage of Dumbarton. The momentous occasion was followed by a civic reception held in the Church Street offices.

Provost McAllister said: “This is an extraordinary milestone for the town of Dumbarton and we’re so proud we were able to have this event held in such a historic landmark. I feel very proud to be able to witness this occasion and for the local community to come out and support this was fantastic. We’re proud of our heritage and we’re pleased to honour that today with this salute as we look to Dumbarton’s future.

Depute Provost Millar said, “We’re reminded today of all the achievements which Dumbarton has made in the last 800 years. We’ve been at the forefront of many industries and we’ve got so much more to give as a town and as people. This was a historic event and something we can all look back on with pride.