Published 01 June 2023

Children and staff at Our Lady of Loretto Primary and Early Learning and Childcare Centre are celebrating after an unannounced visit from inspectors saw the facility rated as ‘very good’.

The inspection, which took place in December, noted particular success in creating a safe and nurturing space for children in which they could actively lead in their play.

The report also praised staff for planning effectively to ensure each individual child‘s needs were considered; seeking the views and ideas of children and their families; and working well together as a team to support positive outcomes for the children in their care.

For each of the four areas assessed, the early learning centre was awarded a score of 5, giving it a rating of very good.

During the visit, it was noted that children spoke proudly of the various roles they had while at the centre including lunch helper, cloakroom monitor and snack helper. Children were also supported to undertake these tasks independently, building self confidence and self esteem.

In addition, staff were praised for being responsive to different learning opportunities, with children at the centre having access to a range of different indoor and outdoor resources.

Councillor Clare Steel, Convener of Educational Services, said: “I am so pleased to see such a positive report for Our Lady of Loretto ELCC especially as this visit was unannounced by the Care Inspectorate. The quality of the support and care this facility is giving children and families really shone through in the inspection report and staff should be so proud that the work they put in has been recognised in this way.”

Councillor John Millar, vice Convener of Educational Services, added: “The examples in this report of staff responding to surroundings and the children’s suggestions to influence the direction of their learning are really inspiring and that coupled with giving children responsibilities, means these children are starting their learning journey with confidence.

“Congratulations and well done to everyone at the centre.”