Published 09 March 2023

The attainment of school pupils in West Dunbartonshire has increased with many performing better than the national average.

A report to the Educational Services Committee shared information from the Scottish Government Annual Statistical Report on Attainment which shows strong performance for West Dunbartonshire schools.

The report stated that attainment in 2021/22 was higher than the national average at P1, P4, P7 and S3 with a steady improvement in reading, writing and numeracy with most meeting the average.

Members heard pupils’ reading consistently performs better compared to the national achievement for all primary stages and for S3 at fourth level. The areas most deprived children and young people also performed better than children nationally for all components at P1, P4, and for S3 at fourth level.

Convener of Educational Services, Councillor Clare Steel, said: “The figures show overall pupils are attaining in their education in both primary and secondary schools. We know our education staff have worked hard to achieve these results and we will continue to work with our pupils and families to build on our successes and strive to ensure every pupil reaches their full potential during their time at school and beyond.”

Narrowing the attainment gap is a key commitment and our schools are making great progress. I’m confident the service is moving in the right direction and our aim remains to ensure every pupil in West Dunbartonshire learns and achieves at school.”