Published 08 March 2023

Provost Douglas McAllister was joined by elected members, local residents and school pupils in a flag-raising ceremony to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Every March events take place across the world to highlight the achievements of women - whether they be social, economic, cultural or political - and mark the advances of women in progressing equity and equality.

This year’s theme is Embrace Equity, recognising that simple equality is not enough to remove the systematic barriers that hamper women’s ability to achieve the same goals as men.

Speaking at the ceremony at Solidarity Plaza, Clydebank, Provost McAllister said: “Equity recognises that not everyone starts from the same place, taking into account the diverse lived experiences of individuals and communities.

“Equality is the goal, but equity is the means to get there.

“As a Council, we are committed to challenging gender stereotypes, calling out discrimination and removing barriers built on old assumptions and expectations.

“A great example of this is our work to challenge occupational segregation – making sure that both girls and boys in our schools have access to the courses and training that interests and excites them without any barriers based on gender assumptions.

“We commit to breaking down these barriers and disadvantages in any and every way we can.”