Published 03 November 2023

A Scottish charity that has helped to support the people of Dumbarton is to receive £39,000 in funding over the next three years to contribute towards operating costs.

Members of West Dunbartonshire Council Corporate Services Committee agreed to support Corra Foundation by funding them £13,000 annually for the next three years from the Dumbarton Common Good Fund.

The charity has supported residents in Dumbarton since 2016 by providing a dedicated Community Co-ordinator, who has worked alongside the community to listen, bring people together to identify and share priorities, resulting in community-led action.

Corra has also financially supported 16 community ideas; engaged over 1900 people; benefitted from 160 hours of volunteering and helped new community groups and organisations to form, such as Dumbarton West Community Action Group who are currently leading on a Community Action Plan.

The organisation works in partnership with the Council and other local organisations to support community and strategic development in the area and has created opportunities for residents to share learning ideas and amplify community voices at a national level.

Gordon McLean, National Programme Manager, said the funding would "help the charity to continue supporting the people of Dumbarton".

“We are delighted to receive this funding from the Council.  Their commitment to contributing towards our operational costs over the next three years is appreciated. We have done so much good work in partnership with the Council and this money will strengthen our work in Dumbarton. I would like to thank the Council for their valued and continued support, which is helping us to continue to support the people of Dumbarton.”

Councillor Daniel Lennie, Convener of Corporate Services, said: “I am pleased to see this funding approved as the charity has worked with residents to encourage positive change, giving opportunities which improves their quality of life. The charity has also worked with the Council to benefit the people of Dumbarton and as a Council we are committed to looking after our residents by supporting services and groups that help our most vulnerable.”

Councillor Michelle McGinty, Vice Convener of Corporate Services, said: “This money will help support the great work the Corra Foundation is doing with the residents of Dumbarton and will help ease the financial burden by taking care of some staffing and operational costs. The charity is making a difference to the lives of many residents in West Dunbartonshire. This organisation works hard to support our residents and I would like to thank them for their continued hard work.”