Published 06 November 2023

Winter has arrived in West Dunbartonshire and Council teams are ready for the colder weather.

More than 4000 tonnes of salt will be spread around West Dunbartonshire while over 450  grit bins will be kept stocked for residents to access.

The team who have been on 24-hour standby since October have already been out a number of times as the temperatures drop in West Dunbartonshire.

While Council teams are keeping the streets safe, residents can do their part to be winter ready;

Frozen pipes: Before attempting to thaw out your pipes, check for leaking joints or bursts. If there are none, and if it’s safe to do so, gently warm any frozen sections with a heated cloth wrapped around the pipe. Never apply a direct flame or attempt to thaw pipes by switching on your immersion heater or boiler;

Lose power: If you lose power, call 105 – it’s free of charge and will put you through to your local network operator who can give you help and advice;

Car emergency kit: Keep safe during traveling by keeping a car emergency kit, with items including: a first aid kit; battery jump leads; a torch and spare batteries; a map for unplanned diversions; a blanket; a reflective warning sign; an ice scraper and de-icer; a shovel for snow; warm clothes and boots; some food, and a warm drink in a flask.

Know our routes and grit bin locations: Information on our priority primary and secondary gritting routes and your nearest grit bin can be found online here:

Councillor David McBride, Convener of Infrastructure, Regeneration and Economic Development, who visited the teams at the Dumbarton depot, said: “Ours teams are out patrolling the streets and keeping grit bins replenished to ensure we keep West Dunbartonshire moving during cold temperatures. Now we are asking residents to be prepared for the colder weather ahead and make sure they’re winter ready. We would also encourage everyone to look out for their neighbours and loved ones during periods of adverse weather.”

Councillor Lawrence O’Neill Vice Convener of Infrastructure, Regeneration & Economic Development, added: “The teams are prepared again for another cold winter and are monitoring detailed weather forecasts to understand what action needs to be taken. We hope residents are ready too, ice and snow can be unpredictable and everyone needs to be prepared. Our teams will be out making sure that West Dunbartonshire is a safe place to travel throughout the winter months.”