Published 27 October 2023

Residents are being encouraged to share their views to help the Council strengthen its anti-social behaviour support.

The online survey has been launched to gather opinions and information about the issues facing residents as well as the impact of persistent anti-social behaviour on communities.

Respondents will be asked to share their experiences based around different times of the day and different times of year, as well as highlight the type of unwanted behaviour they have witnessed.

The consultation is part of Council action to reducing antisocial behaviour and ensure communities in West Dunbartonshire feel safe.

The responses to the survey will be used to inform the work of the antisocial behaviour strategy for West Dunbartonshire.

The work is also being prioritised by Police Scotland and Community Planning Partners.

Councillor Gurpreet Singh Johal, Convener of Housing and Communities, said: “We know that experiencing anti-social behaviour can be traumatic for residents, and can have long lasting impacts on wellbeing.

“Our antisocial behaviour team work hard to enhance community safety, supporting residents who are reporting concerns, and working with partners to ensure perpetrators are dealt with appropriately. 

“We are not complacent and recognise there is always room for improvement, which is why it is important that residents participate to share their views.”

Councillor Hazel Sorrell, Vice Convener of Housing and Communities, added: “Persistent antisocial behaviour is strongly linked to the bigger picture of community safety in West Dunbartonshire, and often indicates that serious and organised crime, including exploitation, is taking place.

“The information gathered in this consultation will inform the approach taken by West Dunbartonshire Council and also be shared with other agencies who deal with different types of antisocial behaviour. It will  help us gain a firm understanding of the problems faced by our communities, their impact and how we can collectively work to reduce antisocial behaviour.”

To participate please visit: before the survey closes on November 27.