Published 07 February 2024


Councillors have agreed to write off irrecoverable debts owed to the Council after exhausting all avenues for collection.

Members agreed to write off £219,032 of non domestic business rates dating back to 2018. More than £108,451 is as a result of businesses being dissolved and no longer trading and £23,436 for firms going into Administration. A further £87,114 was written off due to the debt being deemed irrecoverable after being with Sherriff Officers for collection.

The Council’s annual billing for non domestic business rates in 2023/24 is £87.6million and last year the Council’s Corporate Debt team collected 96.34%.

Councillor Daniel Lennie, Convener of Corporate Services, said: “The Council rigorously pursues all outstanding debt through the Corporate Debt Team which takes appropriate action to recover money owed through various means available including using Debt Management Partners to help trace individuals and businesses. We also provide support to anyone struggling to pay, and a range of options to assist. Once all avenues have been exhausted, the debt is passed for sheriff officer involvement. Our Corporate Debt Team work tirelessly to ensure where possible all outstanding money due to the Council is pursued and I want to thank them for recovering 96% of money owed to the Council last year.”