Published 18 June 2024

The UK General Election will be held on the Thursday 4th July and voters are being reminded to bring their ID.

Voters in Scotland will need to show photographic identification at polling places to cast their vote in this year’s General Election.

A list of accepted voter ID can be found online here Voter ID and include a valid passport, driver licence, blue badge, Scottish National Entitlement Card etc. Residents only need one form of ID and this cannot be a photocopy.

Voters who do not have any of the listed forms of ID can apply for a Voter Authority Certificate online or West Dunbartonshire residents can also apply by contacting the Electoral Registration Office (ERO) on 0141 562 1200 for a paper application form.   The deadline to apply is 5 pm on Wednesday, 26th June.

Residents are also being reminded to check polling cards to find out polling station addresses, due to a boundary change for the West Dunbartonshire County Constituency which is now in place.

Returning Officer, Chief Executive Peter Hessett highlights the changes for everyone, "The General Election this year is a big change for everyone including seasoned voters and staff working at our polling places. However, please don't let this deter you from casting your ballot; your vote counts and this is an important election which will decide who will represent our area in Westminster. The UK Government makes many decisions which affect the people of West Dunbartonshire so it is important all residents have their say. Our election team has been working hard to ensure that this day runs smoothly. All voters need to do is bring a valid form of ID and mark "X" next to the candidate of their choice."

Polling Stations will open from 7am until 10pm to vote on Thursday 4th July.