When carrying out large improvements and repairs to your home, we will:

  • write to tell you that your home is included in a programme of work at least 28 days before the work is due to start.
  • tell you about the type of work, when it will start and where possible the name of our contractors.
  • tell you who to contact in the event of any issue and be on hand to deal with any problems.

For larger projects (such as renewing roofs, or replacing the external cladding to your
building), we will:

  • use a brochure which will provide you with information about the work, any potential issues which could affect you and the contact details of our staff.
  • hold a public meeting to provide you with information, answer any concerns you might have and ask for your views. We will try to have members of our design team and contractor present at these meetings.
  • some projects will have weekly drop in facilities where you can come and talk to us about the work,
  • provide you with updates every 12 weeks by letter or newsletter.
  • supervise our contractors work to make sure it’s going well and is being carried out to our specification and to WDC standard.
  • make sure that our code of conduct is adhered to by including it in our contracts with contractors and sub-contractors.
  • contact a sample of tenants by telephone to ask for their views about the service they received when the work is finished (this information will be shared with local Councillors and Tenants and Residents Organisations as well as other Council departments).
  • ask other Council departments carrying out work on our behalf to adhere to our services standards.

Where possible, we will ask for and incorporate your views about project design, for example:

  • colour choices for render projects (outside cladding of your building)
  • position of new central heating radiators
  • colours for kitchen units and worktops
  • layout of kitchens / bathrooms
  • colour of tiles in bathroom contract