Consulting with local communities

The Children and Young People (Scotland) Act (2014) set out a vision to:

“Make Scotland the best place in the world to grow up in, by improving outcomes and reducing inequalities for all babies, children, mothers, fathers and families across Scotland to ensure that all children have the best start in life and are ready to succeed.”

To ensure this vision is realised, the Scottish Government introduced 1140 hours for all 3 and 4 year olds and some eligible 2 year olds. Children who have not turned 5 before the start of the school term in August also now have an entitlement to an additional funded year in ELC should their parent/carer wish it.

The vision for 1140 was that it would be underpinned by high quality, flexible early learning and childcare (ELC) which is affordable and accessible for all.

High quality Early Learning and Childcare can: 

  • Improve outcomes for all children.

  • Improve outcomes and support children and families at times in their lives when the need it the most.

  • Help support parents and families as they work, train and seek employment.

  • Improve and support vulnerable times in children’s lives as they make transitions at different stages of their education and development. 

ELC Statutory Guidance states that we have a duty at least once every 2 years, to:

  • Consult with persons who appear to be representative of parents of children under school age in their area about how they should make early learning and childcare available.

  • Have regard to the views expressed in the consultation and must prepare and publish a plan setting out how they intend to make early learning and childcare available.

West Dunbartonshire are fully committed to implementing this vision, and as it has been almost 2 years since our last consultation, are actively seeking your views to shape what our childcare and learning provision should look like, and how best it can be delivered within each community.

We hope you can spare some time to inform us of your views on a whole range of aspects relating to quality early learning and childcare provision and its features.

How to participate 

The most straightforward way to respond is completing the online form.

Responses can also be made via

  • Citizen Space

  • By hard copy (a paper copy through post)

There is no obligation to respond to all questions. 

Responses should reach us by 30th November 2023.

This consultation closed
Thu 30 November 2023 11:59 PM