West Dunbartonshire Council regulates the licensing of Taxi and Private Hire Car Drivers and currently asks new Licence applicants to pass a Knowledge Test based on the area to which the Licence would relate (either Clydebank or Dumbarton and the Vale of Leven).

The Council’s Licensing Section has received submissions from members of the Taxi and Private Hire Car trade requesting that consideration is given to removing the requirement for applicants to pass the Knowledge Test. They suggest that the Knowledge Test is no longer relevant given the widespread availability and use of sat nav devices and mobile phones with map apps. This means that drivers do not need to have a strong grasp of the local topography and instead can rely on electronic devices for navigating the area.

The Council’s Licensing Committee has agreed to consult on removing the requirement for applicants for Taxi and Private Hire Car Driver Licences to sit and pass the Knowledge Test.

The outcome of this public survey will help inform the Committee's decision.  

The survey closes 1 March 2024.

Taxi Knowledge Test Survey

This consultation closed
Fri 01 March 2024 11:59 PM