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Impact and effects of domestic abuse on children and young people

Children and Young People are not simply witnesses to domestic abuse they too experience the abuse by seeing or hearing the abuse, its aftermath or being physically hurt themselves. Children and young people can also be impacted by the consequences of domestic abuse such as isolation, coercion and financial control. These abusive behaviours can affected a child’s social, emotional, behavioural and educational wellbeing but with the right support the effects can be lessened.

West Dunbartonshire have a range of support services for children affected by domestic abuse:

  • Education (schools) - Our establishments work together with a range of partners in order to support our young people and families who may experience Domestic Abuse in a sensitive manner. If you or your child would like more information on support for this matter, please speak to the Head Teacher / Pastoral Care teacher in the first instance.
  • Rape Crisis offers outreach support in West Dunbartonshire to women and girls aged 13 and over who have experienced sexual violence at some point in their lifetime. We can also provide support to male or female friends and family members, or workers who are supporting a survivor. Referrals for outreach support can be made by contacting us at our Glasgow Centre on 08088 00 00 14.