It’s important that as many tenants as possible are involved in discussions about housing services and how we can improve them.

Easy to get involved - we will do everything possible to support you to get involved, this includes meeting your individual needs, providing transport to meetings and childcare costs where required.

Please contact us if you’re interested in any of the consultations and look out for adverts in the Housing News, Council website and our Tenant Participation page on Facebook.

We will also make sure that whenever we consult you, we will tell you how your views made a difference and will share the outcome widely.

Housing Consultation Calendar 2018
Name of Consultation Purpose of Consultation start and finish Person to contact

Annual rent setting consultation

The Council has a statutory duty to consult with tenants about the rent it charges.  Transparency about how rent money is spent has been improved with clearer information provided. Commitment also been made to involve tenants earlier in the rent setting process –meaningful discussions including housing investment plans, setting rent options and voting  for all tenants  on their preferred option.


September 23- January 24

Jane Mack,

Snr Housing Development Officer (Tenant Participation) ,

0798 354 2993

2022/23 Annual Charter Performance Report for Tenants and other customers

The Council reports our performance against the Outcomes outlined in the Scottish Social Housing Charter in October each year.

The style, format and content of the report was developed in conjunction with tenants and each year we seek feedback to see where improvements can be made.

May - August

Stefan Kristmanns,

Housing Development Co-ordinator,

07584 275749

Buyback Policy

Aim of policy is to increase council housing stock as well as increase council ownership in blocks to allow investment work to proceed. Policy being reviewed and views will be sought on any changes needed.

August - November

Laura Hanna, Housing Development Officer, 07551422581,