This work stream will focus on the continued renewal of bathrooms as identified and recommended from the housing stock condition survey and appropriate council officer referrals. Each property will benefit from a new bath, electric shower, wash hand basin and pedestal and a close coupled WC pan and wet wall panels above the bath area only.

Our surveyor will provide further information at the time of visit where you will be invited to choose from our selection of wet wall finishes in a choice of four colours. You can see the choices available in the Bathrooms brochure.

Our specialist sub-contractor Everwarm will carry out these works.
All programmes may be adversely effected by means beyond our control such as no access and in certain cases inclement weather.

As we recover from the effect of COVID 19, this programme of internal works is running behind but all efforts to accelerate the programme are being made. The safety of our customers and operatives is of paramount importance to us and we thank you for your patience and understanding.

Bathroom Renewal Addresses 2022/23

Bathroom Addresses
Address Locale
149/20 Second Avenue Boquhanran
6 Byron Street Boquhanran
2 Byron Street Boquhanran
38/2 Dumbarton Road Bowling
11 Graham Road Brucehill
8a Cumbrae Crescent South Castlehill
2d Sutherland Drive Crosslet
18 Argyll Avenue Crosslet
2A Burnside Court Dalmuir
10b Burnside Court Dalmuir
6D Burnside Court Dalmuir
12e Burnside Court Dalmuir
12f Burnside Court Dalmuir
4A Burnside Court Dalmuir
2B Dalmuir Court Dalmuir
12f Ellinger Court Dalmuir
13a Ellinger Court Dalmuir
12 Gibson Street Doveholm
12 Victoria Street Dumbarton East
7/3 Old Street Duntocher
1/1 Burnside Terrace Eastfield
48 Abbeylands Road Faifley
82/6 Woodburn Avenue Haldane
3 McGregor Avenue Haldane
82/8 Woodburn Avenue Haldane
2/1 Cranloch Court Haldane
39 Stewart Drive Haldane
14 Clyde Court (w) High Flats
134 Leven Court (w) High Flats
10 Second Avenue Highmains
6 Hardie Street Levenvale
75 Burns Street Levenvale
21 Lomond Crescent Levenvale
5 Colquhoun Road Milton
9 Colquhoun Road Milton
51 Colquhoun Road Milton
34 Cedar Avenue Mountblow
12f Park Court Mountblow
14c West Court Mountblow
305 Pappert North Bonhill
310 Pappert North Bonhill
27 Redburn North Bonhill
346 Pappert North Bonhill
419 Pappert North Bonhill
6C Garscadden View North Drumry
17 Broom Drive North Kilbowie
15 George Street Lane Old Bonhill
6 Raglan Street Lane Old Bonhill
7 Napierston Road Old Bonhill
22 Third Avenue Old Bonhill
60 Roman Crescent Old Kilpatrick
81 Thistleneuk Old Kilpatrick
3 Overburn Crescent Overburn
54 Birch Road Parkhall
2 Braemar Avenue Parkhall
19 Poplar Drive Parkhall
19 Rowan Drive Parkhall
111 Main Street Renton
145 Tontine Park Renton
2/8 James Street Riverside
5 Colquhoun Drive Rosshead
10 Colquhoun Drive Rosshead
34 Alclutha Avenue Silverton
28 Boghead Avenue Silverton
37 Boghead Avenue Silverton
138 Crosslet Road Silverton
150 Crosslet Road Silverton
193 Crosslet Road Silverton
225 Crosslet Road Silverton
235 Crosslet Road Silverton
197 Crosslet Road Silverton
3 Douglas Road Silverton
6 Douglas Road Silverton
210 Braehead South Bonhill
97 O'hare South Bonhill
4/6 Arran Place South Drumry
149 Montrose Street South Drumry
236 Montrose Street South Drumry
238 Montrose Street South Drumry
1b Park Crescent Townend
80 Bannachra Crescent Tullichewan
184 Cardross Road Westcliff
188 Cardross Road Westcliff
16a Ashton View Westcliff
40d Ashton View Westcliff
28d Ashton View Westcliff
95 Braes Avenue Whitecrook
102 Braes Avenue Whitecrook
104 Braes Avenue Whitecrook
25 Brown Avenue Whitecrook
16 Davidson Street Whitecrook
11 Longden Street Whitecrook
43 Mccreery Street Whitecrook
26/11 John Knox Street Whitecrook
59 Mcdonald Crescent Whitecrook
20 Russel Drive Alexandria
247 Pappert Alexandria
2C Clarence St Clydebank
11/1 Kirkoswald Drive Clydebank
36A Whiteford Ave Dumbarton
113 Clyde Court Dumbarton
15 Knowetop Dumbarton
3 Colbreggan Gdns Hardgate
6 Argyll Estate Levenvale
41 Birch Road Parkhall