Terms & Conditions 

1. Registration - You must register before using online bookings by completing and returning the registration form available from the 'bookings' page on our website.  By registering for online bookings you agree to abide by these terms and conditions and our 'fair use' policy (see below). 
2. Membership - As a member you will have advance booking privileges and will be able to book 7 days in advance as opposed to non-members  who can only book 1 day in advance. 
3. All online bookings must be paid - unpaid bookings will be removed from the system within 20 minutes of being made. 
4. Cancellation - Please cancel bookings you cannot attend (any time up until the activity is due to begin) to free up space for others. You can cancel bookings that haven't yet been paid for in the 20 minute booking time window or that are inclusive in your membership.  This can be done whether the booking was made online, by phone or in person.
PLEASE NOTE: You CANNOT cancel bookings once they have been paid for. See refunds (item 6  below). 
5. Dishonoured bookings - It is vital that membership inclusive activity bookings are cancelled by members who are unable to attend. Repeated failure to attend activities that have been booked and are inclusive in membership without cancelling the booking may result in the withdrawal of the right to book online, or ultimately the right to book any activity in advance. 
6. Refunds - West Dunbartonshire Leisure Services will refund the cost of bookings in full if we are unable to provide the activity you have paid for. Please DO NOT make bookings online if your plans are subject to change as we are unable to refund the cost of bookings you have already paid for if you are unable to attend. Refunds may occasionally be offered at the  discretion of the management. 
7. Availability - The online booking system is unavailable between the hours of 02.00am and 04:00am while backups and scheduled maintenance are carried out. 
8. Confirmation - A confirmation email will be sent to the member's registered email address (see the 'Edit my details' page in the online bookings system to confirm/change this e-mail  address). Members are welcome to print this email but are not required to bring this when they attend the activity they have booked. The status of any bookings made can be checked  on the 'Manage bookings' page. 
9. Ticket collection - although you have paid in advance for your class you must collect your ticket at reception and give it to your class instructor at the start of your class. A prepaid ticket express queue will normally operate at reception prior to busy class start times to  ensure your queue time is kept to a minimum. 

Fair Use Policy 

By accepting the Terms Of Use you agree to be bound by this policy. Please see below the terms of the fair use policy for online bookings. 

Why have a fair use policy?

It's designed to make your experience when booking activities online  a happy one and maximise availability for all our members. 

Am I likely to be affected by the fair use policy?

If you don't book large numbers of classes or activities it's unlikely you'll ever be affected by this policy. If you do, all we ask is that you do so  considerately, by ensuring you don't book more than a single one-hour court hire per day and if  booking fitness classes, that you only book classes you are sure you'll be able to attend. Should something arise unexpectedly that will prevent you from attending a class, and you have a membership that includes classes in your subscription we'd ask that you cancel the booking as soon as you know you'll be unable to attend - this will free up space for others. 

What will happen if I make a lot of bookings or book and don't show up?

If you only occasionally make large numbers of bookings we're unlikely to be concerned. Similarly if you fail to  attend a class you've booked once or twice it shouldn't be a problem. If it's happening more often we may have to charge you for bookings you failed to honour because we were unable to sell to  other customers. If you are booking multiple courts at the same time, or a single court for more than  one hour a day we may advise you of our intention to monitor your usage and take additional action  if required. Ultimately if you breach the terms of online bookings or of the fair use policy repeatedly, we may have to withdraw your online booking privileges completely. We don't want to do that, and with your support and goodwill we will work with you to see if we can avoid this happening.