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Pools and Swimming Lessons - Coronavirus (Covid 19) Update

Swimming pools are opening 26 April and it is hoped that swimming lessons will recommence from 26 April. Further information to follow. More information is available in our FAQ’s – Click Swimming Lessons below

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Further information is available below and in our Customer Information section.

Public Swimming

Our 3 swimming pools will reopen for public swimming from Monday 26 April

  • Please note that until further notice you will be required to book a public swimming slot. 
  • Booking is via the WD Leisure App or our online booking system.
  • Members can book seven days in advance and non-members one day in advance
  • We have limited staff available at present and request that enquiries related to public swimming are emailed to

Swimming Lessons

3 boys with goggles on top of head at the edge of the swimming pool

When are lessons scheduled to return?

Swimming Lessons will be returning on a Phased Return from 26 April (To Be Confirmed). 

We have produced a short video for each of our swimming lesson venues. They contain a lot of important information on the recommencement of swimming lessons and the procedures that you and your child will follow before, during and after your session. Further information on the phased approach to the return of swimming lessons is also shown below the videos.

Clydebank Leisure Centre Swimming Lessons


Meadow Centre Swimming Lessons


Vale Pool Swimming Lessons


Phase 1 - Returning classes from Tuesday 26 April 

  • Meadow Centre - Skills 1, Skills 2, Skills 3 & Skills 4
  • The Vale of Leven - Skills 2, Skills 3, Skills 4 & Club Ready (main pool classes only)
  • Clydebank Leisure Centre - Skills 2, Skills 3, Skills 4 & Club Ready (main pool classes only)

Phase 2 - Returning classes - To Be Confirmed 

  • The Vale of Leven -  All Skills 1 classes (teaching pool classes Primary 1 and upwards)
  • Clydebank Leisure Centre - All skills 1 classes (teaching pool classes Primary 1 and upwards) 


Phase 3 - Date to be confirmed 

Pre-school classes will not recommence until Phase 3. This is due to the restrictions on access to changing rooms as well as teachers being required to deliver from the poolside. We are progressing with several actions that will ensure we can deliver quality and safe lessons for this age group before reintroducing them back into the water. We will keep parents up to date with progress. Please note that parents can now book a swim for themselves and their children at one of our three swimming pools.

Phase 4  - Date to be confirmed

We are not able to confirm at present when the parent and child Splish and Splash classes, Disability Programme and Adult Swimming Lessons will recommence but we will keep the public as up to date as possible when we are able to provide these sessions.

Why are we returned with a phased approach?

There are several contributing factors, however the main point is that we are returning on a phased approach to keep participants and staff as safe as possible. Many other Leisure Trusts are not in a position to bring their lessons back as yet however we believe that we have extensive safety measures in place to allow a progressive return to lesson delivery. 

Will the time of my lesson change?

Some lesson times are changing by 15 minutes. Instead of all lessons changing over every thirty minutes they will now be staggered differently with changeovers occurring every fifteen minutes.  This will reduce the likelihood of overcrowded areas and provide more space in the changing rooms as children leave their lesson. 

When will I receive communication on my child’s lessons?

We have  sent two emails currently to our Direct Debit customers that provided information on the phased return of lessons.  Please check your junk mail if you have not received these.

Emails with class changes will be distributed week beg. 21st September focusing on Phase 1 initially.

What if I want to change my lesson time?

Please email and provide your details. We are experiencing huge demand at the moment and appreciate your patience.

What changes are being implemented at the facility e.g. changing rooms, access?

The new procedures for each pool will be sent to parents/guardians via email along with any class changes. There will also be information videos available on social media and on our website to show swimming lesson procedures at each venue. 

Will my child have access to changing rooms before their lesson?

Children are expected to arrive ‘pool ready’. This means that they have their swimming costume on under their  clothes. Please wear clothes that can be easily removed (e.g. jogging bottoms, zipper). Your child will be directed to a designated area at poolside where they will remove these items and place them into their bag that should have their name on it. A plastic bag is recommended as they are splash proof however any bag will suffice. The bag should also contain goggles, towel and underwear.  Parents are asked to take jackets away with them and not expect these items to be put into the bag. 

What time should I arrive ? 

Arrive no earlier that 5 minutes before your lesson time and head to allocated drop off point.

Will my child have access to changing rooms after their lesson?

Yes children will be able to use changing rooms after their swimming lesson.  No showers will be available. Children will have a 15 minute period to get changed and must leave the venue as soon as they are changed. 

What should my child bring to lessons? 

Children should bring a bag with their name on it so that it can be identified as theirs. In the bag there should only be a towel and pair of goggles as well as underwear (as swimming costume will be on underneath clothes on arrival). The bag should be big enough for their clothes and footwear. 

Do I need to wear a face covering?

All parents /guardians and children 5 years plus are expected to wear face coverings while in our facilities. 

Will I be able to spectate?

At present there will be no spectating for swimming lessons until further notice at The Vale of Leven Swimming Pool and Clydebank Leisure Centre.

There will be  very limited spectating at the Meadow Centre

Where will parents go during the swimming lesson?

Parents will be required to leave the venue (the vale of Leven & Clydebank) whilst their child has their lesson. They can re-enter the venue to meet their child in the changing room 5 minutes before their lesson finishes. We will produce some videos which show the customer journey.

Will teaching be the same ? 

We will be returning to the Scottish Swimming Learn to Swim Framework. As per Scottish Swimming guidelines, our teachers will now teach from the poolside for all levels at present and will continue to deliver fun and engaging lessons that will develop your child’s swimming skills and confidence.  Use of aids such as noodles and floats will be used regularly to help build confidence of children with teachers being out the water.  We will also have additional support staff on poolside. 

What safety measures have you taken to ensure lessons can return?

New procedures and risk assessments are in place and being followed by all staff. For example, all equipment will be washed between lessons, physical distancing measures are in place throughout the facility, hand sanitising stations are in place, one way system for children leaving poolside and those arriving, PPE for any first aid/support and deep cleaning regimes of all key touch points.

When will my Direct Debit recommence ? 

  • If your child is in phase 1 your direct debit will resume - Date to be confirmed
  • If your child is in phase 2 your direct debit will resume - Date to be confirmed
  • Dates of recommencing pre-school direct debit will be confirmed with pre-school customers prior to returning

What if I cancelled my Direct Debit during lockdown? 

Please contact as you will have been removed from our programme.