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The world-famous Singer Manufacturing Company's sewing machine factory operated from 1882 to 1980 on premises at Kilbowie, Clydebank, on land now occupied by Clydebank Business Park. Singer is still the name of the railway station there. Two roadways remind us of the factory's existence in the vicinity:

  • Singer Road, running eastward from Duntocher Road;
  • Singer Street, running north from Second Avenue.

Strowan's Well

It was common in medieval times to name a well after a saint who, in some way, was considered to have conferred a blessing on the site and on those who made use of the supply of water as a life-sustaining benefit. Such a working well existed in the Crosslet area of Dumbarton north of the line of the present-day A82, and was named after St. Ronan. Run together this became "Stronan" which, in turn was corrupted to "Strowan". The "ow" should, therefore, be pronounced "oa" as in the word "roe", and not "ow" as in "ouch".

  • Strowan's Well Road was named after the site;
  • Strowans Road named after the fact that it leads in the direction of the site nearby.