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Section 50 Application (Planning)

If you are applying for a premises license or provisional premises licence then you will need a Planning Certificate or Provisional Planning Certificate, as required by Section 50 of the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005. This certificate is confirmation from the Planning Service that your premises either have the appropriate planning permission for your intended use, or that such permission is not required.


Section 50 application


The fee is £224.00 and is payable in advance.

Application for a Document and Property Search


Application for a Document and Property Search


Search & Copy Charges – Domestic (e.g. house/flat etc.) - £90.00 per planning file

Search & Copy Charges – Non-Domestic/Commercial - £123.00 per planning file

Land and Property History Searches - Domestic (e.g. house/flat etc.) - £90.00

Land and Property History Searches - non-domestic/commercial - £123.00

Advertising Fees

Some types of applications require to be advertised in the local press, either to notify neighbours or because the application is of a specified type.  Householder applications do not normally require such advertising

Where necessary the cost of advertising proposals in the local press will be £150.00.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

As part of our commitment to improve the quality of the service we provide and would appreciate it if you would complete a short survey.  Once the survey period has closed a report of the survey findings will be made available on the council's website.  Your response is completely anonymous and personal details will not be published.

Data protection

Please note when you submit a planning application, the information will appear on the Planning Register and will also be published on our weekly list of planning applications. This is all done in accordance with data protection law.