Be tough on fraud

How to report benefit fraud

If you think someone has committed housing or benefit fraud contact us now via: 

  • Local Authority Fraud Hotline on (free phone) 0800 3286340.  Monday to Friday 8am to 11pm
  • Completing our on-line fraud referral form:

Fraud referral form

The more information that you can provide the better our investigation will be. 

Any information that you give will be treated in the strictest of confidence and you do not need to tell us your name. 

Report all other fraud

You can also report another type of fraud using the form above.  

Are you committing benefit fraud? 

If you receive benefit to which you are not entitled you may have to repay any amounts that are overpaid.  

To avoid an overpayment occurring you should tell the Council straight away about any changes in your circumstances. 

If you fail to tell us about anything that might affect your entitlement to benefit or make a false declaration on the application form you may be committing a benefit fraud, which is a criminal offence possibly resulting in prosecution. 

The Council uses various methods to investigate fraud.  For example, information can be matched against other council records, government agencies, employers or tax records and credit reference agencies.  

If a fraud has been committed it is likely that it will be discovered and action taken.