What is a Discretionary Housing Payment?

West Dunbartonshire Council can make a Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) when it decides a claimant requires further help with housing costs. 

How do I apply?  

You can fill in our online form with your details and we will contact you by letter with our decision.


Any award is discretionary and there is no right of appeal against the decision.

Can I apply? 

The payment is only available if you already get some Housing Benefit or Universal Credit.

Will I be granted a payment? 

This depends on your personal circumstances. The Council has the final decision on whether you are considered in need of further financial assistance with housing costs and the amount of any payment. The Council can't help with housing costs if you need help because other benefit you have has been sanctioned or suspended. 

How much will I be awarded?    

We can't pay more than your weekly rent and can't meet any ineligible charges e.g. a heating charge, water and sewerage charges or increased rent due to arrears. The amount of any payment will depend on your personal circumstances. 

How will I be paid?      

The Discretionary Housing Payment will be added to your Housing Benefit payment and either credited to your rent account or be added to your Benefit cheque for Rent Allowances. 

Do I need to tell you anything else?   

You must tell the Council if there is any change in your circumstances.  The award will then be reviewed - in some cases it might be possible to continue paying even if there is a change.