Where do I register a Stillbirth in Scotland?

Any stillbirth which occurs in Scotland can be registered in any registration office in Scotland within 21 days from the date of occurrence.

What documents should I take to the Registrar?

You should take with you the: 

  • medical certificate issued by the hospital or midwife
  • marriage/civil partnership certificate of the child's parents (if applicable)

Who can register a Stillbirth in Scotland?

A child's parents have this duty placed upon them.

If the child's parents are married/civil partnered to each other, either the mother/parent or the father/parent can register the stillbirth;

If the child's parents are not married/civil partnered to each other, and they want both parents names on the stillbirth certificate, they should go to the Registrar's office together and both sign the register entry page.

If neither parent can attend within 21 days please contact the Registrar for advice.

What documents will I get for my child?

Once the stillbirth of your child has been registered, the Registrar will give you, free of charge:

A certificate of registration (Form 8) to take to the undertaker or hospital

If you wish to have the full certificate showing baby's and parent(s) details, the Registrar will give you this also free of charge.

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