Commemoration within cemeteries

The commonly accepted method of commemoration with a West Dunbartonshire Council cemetery is the erection of a headstone at the burial lair.

The purchase of a headstone is an arrangement which takes place between the lairholder and their chosen monumental sculptor. The maximum headstone height permitted in West Dunbartonshire Council cemeteries is three feet and six inches, this including the base of the headstone.

Once a headstone is selected, the sculptor will submit a written application to the Council for permission for the erection of a headstone. Provided that the headstone and it's intended commemorative text complies with the applicable conditions, permission to erect the headstone will be granted. The Council will prepare the headstone foundation. Only the person holding the title of the burial lair can apply to have a headstone erected.

Full information on the conditions which apply to the erection of headstones and guidance on what is permitted and what is not in referring to the maintenance of burial lairs can be found in the Rules and Regulations for the Management of West Dunbartonshire Cemeteries