The Council has a clear list of rules and regulations relating to its management of cemeteries.

The Council has detailed rules and regulations on the following matters relating to its cemeteries:

  • Sale of an exclusive right of burial

  • Registration of sale and exclusive right of burial

  • Certificates of exclusive right of burial 

  • Transmission of right of burial 

  • Evidence of transmission of right of burial 

  • Internments

  • Digging of Graves

  • Depth of Graves

  • Prohibited removal of coffins from graves

  • Draping of graves

  • Maintenance of Lairs

  • Erection of monuments

  • Maintenance of monuments

  • Supervision of cemeteries

  • Admission of public to cemeteries and conduct therein

  • Dogs in cemeteries

Download the full rules and regulations (PDF 1MB)

These rules are operated by virtue of the powers contained in Sections 112-118 of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982,West Dunbartonshire Council, incorporated under the Local Government Etc (Scotland) Act 1994.