Information on Air Quality

The Environment Act 1995 and subsequent regulations require local authorities to assess compliance of air quality in their area against standards and objectives set out in the National Air Quality Strategy.

Further information on Air Quality within West Dunbartonshire can be found in the following reports:

Bonfires and burning outdoors

West Dunbartonshire Council smoke control orders do not extend to bonfires and other burning outdoors. There are no bylaws which forbid garden bonfires or restrict the time at which they can be lit.

Report smoke from a bonfire 

If you are bothered by smoke from a bonfire or other burning that is taking place outdoors you can report it to us. We will visit and consider whether the smoke is causing a nuisance and take action if necessary.

Report a smoke nuisance 

You can also complain if waste is being burned that is causing black smoke. This may be an offence that can be dealt with under the Clean Air Act 1993.

Find out more information on smoke nuisance from bonfires.

Information on Effective Use of Wood Burning Stoves