How does the Council handle objections and representations?

The law may allow someone to object to the granting of a licence. However this is not always the case; for example there is no right to object to some temporary events.

The law also allows someone to make representations to the Council to comment on an application without actually objecting to it.

You should bear in mind that an application for a licence will not necessarily be refused simply because someone objects to it or makes representations about it. The Council must carefully consider the legal grounds for refusing to grant a licence.

If you wish to object or make representations about an application you must:

  • do so in writing, sign it and send it to the address on this page,
  • include your name and address, and
  • specify the grounds on which you are objecting or making representations to us.

If you do not do this, for legal reasons we are unable to consider your objection or representations. We cannot accept objections or representations by email unless they have been signed and then scanned and also include a geographic address.

We are obliged to send a copy of all objections and representations to the applicant. You should be aware that objections and representations may be discussed openly at the licensing board or licensing committee where members of the public and the media may be present. We will not be able to accept any objections and representations marked 'confidential'.

Objections and representations should be sent to the Council Licensing Team.