Customer Care Training for Taxi Driver’s

As part of the conditions of holding a Taxi/Private Hire Car Driver’s Licence, newly licensed drivers are required to attend a Customer Care Training Course within 6 months of the licence being granted. Since March 2020 there has been no requirement for any driver to attend the customer care training course however when customer care training resumes, all driver’s will be required to attend who have been granted a taxi/private hire car driver’s licence and not yet attended.

Knowledge Tests

Knowledge tests for new applicants have now resumed. Grant applications will not be accepted unless the knowledge test has been passed in advance. Please contact to make an appointment. Appointments are currently being scheduled on Tuesdays only.

Vehicle Inspections – important update

All taxis and private hire cars are currently required to hold a valid Class 4 MOT until such times as the Council’s MOT station re-opens.

Once your vehicle has passed inspection you must present a valid Class 4 MOT certificate. This includes any vehicle which is replaced with an insurance vehicle for a temporary period. Class 4 MOT’s should be sent electronically along with Pages 1 & 2 of the V5 vehicle registration document and a valid certificate of insurance to In the case of a Change of Vehicle, a completed change of vehicle form should also be submitted. You can obtain a form on request via the licensing inbox address above.

We will be noting any advisory items detailed on MOT certificates. You must ensure that these advisory items are closely monitored and rectified as required.

Formal inspections will only resume when the MOT station re-opens.

MOT stations are unable to test vehicles with a valid MOT until they move into the last month of their validity.

Operator’s are reminded that they should ensure their vehicles are kept to the highest standard at all times and note the following points:-

Vehicle Bodywork

There should be no rust, dents, accident damage or missing body trims. Paintwork should be in good condition.

Vehicle Interior

The inside of the vehicle should be clean, tidy and well presented with no upholstery damage.


The vehicle must be maintained in MOT condition.

Operator’s must hold a valid insurance certificate at all times covering ‘hire and reward’.

Meter Checks

Clydebank Zone

Following the conclusion of the Clydebank Taxi Fare Review in December 2021, many operators have attended for their meter check. Those who have still to have the meter check carried out will be notified that they will be required to attend at an appointed date and time. Any taxi operator who changes their vehicle will also require a meter check and be allocated a date and time.

Dumbarton and Vale of Leven Zone

The Dumbarton & Vale of Leven Taxi Fare Review has concluded and the effective date of the new fare chart is 26 May 2022. Operators should have their meter updated as soon as possible. Meter Checks will be carried out once arrangements can be put in place and operators will be advised in due course

Temporary surrender of taxi licences

If you wish to put your vehicle off the road you should notify us by email at detailing the Plate number and current vehicle registration number of the vehicle concerned.

When you are ready to resume operating you should also advise us in advance and provide a copy of your valid Class 4 MOT, Pages 1 & 2 of your V5 vehicle registration document and a valid certificate of insurance before the vehicle goes back on the road.

Licence Renewals – important update

A licensing authority may deem an application for renewal of a licence made up to 28 days after the expiry of the licence to be an application made before the expiry. This period is currently extended to 3 months however this will revert back to 28 days in September 2022.