Dumbarton Stations Improvement Trust commissioned a Conservation Management Plan (CMP) for Dumbarton Central Station in 2018 - one of only thirteen 'A'-Listed stations in Scotland.  This extensive study was funded by West Dunbartonshire Council and produced by leading conservation architect Lesley Kerr and specialist associate consultants. 

The CMP is a detailed and illustrated report. It includes a chronology of the site from long before the arrival of the railway in 1850; analyses of all the major issues relating to the station and its public realm; recommendations for further physical studies of the structures; and proposed work packages with illustrative costings of improvements, conservation and rehabilitation of the abandoned ground floor, original entrance, booking-hall and staircases. 

Volume 1 of the CMP is available to view at Dumbarton Central Station Conservation Management Plan 2019.

Volume 2 of the CMP comprises a number of very extensive reports by the individual consultants, as 'Appendices' to the main Report. Both volumes are deposited for reference in Dumbarton Library. 

Anyone with a special interest in the Conservation Management Plan or requiring further information on it or the work of DSIT should contact Dave Harvie, Convenor, Dumbarton Stations Improvement Trust.