Artizan aerial view

The Levelling Up funding has enabled the Council to acquire the Artizan Centre and this presents a unique and exciting opportunity to redevelop the site and redefine the town centre. The overarching objective of the Artizan redevelopment is regeneration of Dumbarton Town Centre which seeks to balance the need for economic vibrancy, place making and design quality, with the requirement to ensure long term viability and sustainability. Through consolidation of retail areas, introduction of supplementary uses, town centre living, and new public and green areas, a momentum will be created for the town centre to thrive. This redevelopment should act as a catalyst for further new developments in the town centre and support long term town centre revitalisation.A project team was appointed to assist the Council with the planning, design and technical aspects of the project. Following community consultations in August and September 2023 a Masterplan for the site has been developed. The masterplan presents a long-term vision for a transformative town centre regeneration project which will bring economic, social and environmental benefits to the local area.

The Masterplan was approved by the Infrastructure, Regeneration and Economic Development (IRED) Committee in November 2023 and will guide the redevelopment of the site over the next 10-15 years.

Phase 1 (2024 – 2025) – works will include creation of a new public square, improvements of the existing public realm along College Way, and improvements to the existing Artizan buildings. Areas of soft landscaping will also be introduced within the future development plots. This phase will be delivered using LUF funding.

Phase 2 (2026 and later) – introduction of new affordable housing and possible introduction of other uses like a Health and Care Centre.

Phase 3 – further consolidation of retail and introduction of additional new affordable housing.

The project team are currently working to progress detailed designs for the project. Two separate planning applications will be submitted in May 2024. Application for Planning Permission in Principle will cover the whole masterplan area and once approved, it will provide statutory guidance for the future phases of the redevelopment. A separate detailed Planning Application will cover Phase 1 redevelopment works, including new and improved public realm and existing Artizan buildings improvements.

As part of the enabling works, vacant buildings to the rear of the Artizan will be demolished to make way for the new public square and future development. It is expected that the demolition works will start on site in May 2024.

Phase 1 redevelopment works are programmed to start on site in November 2024.