Farms and Animal Movement

We visit farms to check that the health of livestock is maintained. We check movement control records that are kept so that any animals can be quickly traced in the event of an outbreak of serious notifiable disease such as foot and mouth or swine fever.

West Dunbartonshire Council is home to many farms, animal transporters and other types of animal holdings.

The animal health team enforces laws made to protect the safety of meat that is for sale.  The laws that we enforce deal with the safety of animal feedstuffs, animal disease control and the removal of dead farmed animals from farm land. We give advice and assistance to farmers and animal transporters so that they can comply with these laws.

If you keep farmed animals or pigs, even if they are not kept on a farm you must register with Animal Plant and Health Agency. You can find help and guidance on how to do this on the Scottish Government website.

Along with the Animal Plant and Health Agency we monitor animal health and welfare on farms and during transport. This means that we can prevent the spread of disease.

If you come across a dead farmed animal or have a concern or a questions about farmed animals, you should contact Trading Standards by telephone on 0141 951 7957 or by email.