Aims of the Fund

The fund has been established to provide money to encourage and support one-off community activities within Dumbarton.

Who may apply and what can the grant be used for

Constituted non-profit making Community groups.

A grant is awarded only for a specific activity.

How are applications assessed

The fund is competitive, and applications are considered on individual merit.  Those groups which make the most convincing arguments for funding will be the most likely to succeed. Consideration will be given to a range of factors.   Regard may be had, for instance, to the number of local people involved in, and benefiting from the activity, relative to the amount of grant being requested.   A group’s own fund-raising efforts may be recognised and encouraged.

Criteria for Grant Application Submission to Committee

How much is available

The total amount of funds available each year is limited.  Grant levels, although not fixed to an upper or lower level will therefore also be restricted.  Value for money  will be a main factor, and applications for  larger amounts may have less chance since smaller grants allow more groups to be assisted.

The Fund may make a grant conditional upon additional matters being produced to their satisfaction.

Types of application unable to get a grant

  • Activity to take place outwith Dumbarton
  • Application made by an individual alone
  • Activity which is not charitable in law
  • Applications supporting any political party or from any applicant whose activities are political
  • Applications from organisations which already receive substantial grant assistance from the local authority and other sources.

Specifically Grants will not be given for:

  • unspecified expenditure
  • repayment of loans
  • retrospective funding
  • projects which will not start before the financial year for which applications are sought.

The Fund will not normally provide grant to replace funding withdrawn by another agency.

Repetitive applications from a successful applicant will not normally be considered.

Application form and Guidance  

Dumbarton Common Good Fund Application Form

Dumbarton Common Good Fund Application Guidance Notes


Complete all questions on the form above.  Please return this by post or in person to:

Grants Administrator
West Dunbartonshire Council
Resources Services
16 Church Street
G82 1QL

Or by Email to:

Please attach your constitution or aims and objectives, and a copy of your most recent accounts.  Check the form is signed, and return it to the Council as soon as possible.  Remember to keep a copy for your records.

The Fund normally meets only once a year to consider applications for grant.  Successful applicants are notified of the result in writing soon afterwards.

Application forms are available in February and March of each year, and should be returned no later than 31st March.