Community Councils are voluntary bodies which exist within a legal framework, based on Section 51 (2) of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973. 

Under legislation, every local community in Scotland is entitled to request their local authority to establish a Community Council in their area. Although they complement the role of the local authority, they are not part of local government.

West Dunbartonshire Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils (the Scheme) is designed to enable the development of effective Community Councils locally. It also seeks to ensure that they are able to make a representative contribution to the process of democratic empowerment and community participation in the areas they operate in and across West Dunbartonshire as whole.  It will come into operation from June 2022 with Community Council elections being held as soon as practicable after this date.  The Scheme will be reviewed before each new Community Council electoral term.

Scheme for the establishment of Community Councils  (PDF 496KB)

Appendix 1 - Code of Conduct for Community Councillors  (PDF 313KB)

Composition of Community Councils 2022

Information on the 3 stage consultation process is available on the Community Council scheme review consultation page.