What happens next – the decision and the outcome improvement process

If your request has been agreed, we will enter an outcome improvement process with your community group. If we refuse your participation request, we will explain the reasons why. 

If the participation request is agreed the outcome improvement process will be the means by which the aims in your participation request can be achieved – it will be how your ideas are turned into action. There may be an existing process in place which you will be able to join but if a new process is needed this must be established by the Council within 90 calendar days of your participation request being agreed.

What the process will look like will depend on the nature of your request but may include the following common elements:

  • Early discussion: This will allow you to speak with West Dunbartonshire Council (and other appropriate partners) about what steps need to be taken to achieve your aims and how your group can be involved in the process.
  • Planning: This will allow all the partners to jointly plan what needs to be done, by whom, and by when.
  • Action: This is the main part of the process where the agreed actions are taken which will achieve the agreed aims.
  • Reviewing: This provides an opportunity for all partners (including the community group) to reflect on progress made, any targets not met or still to be achieved, and any further actions needed.

Information, support & advice

For further information about participation requests, other aspects of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act, and advice/support for participation more generally, here are a range of useful contacts: