Community Justice Outcome Improvement Plan 2017-18

As a requirement of the Community Justice (Scotland) Act 2016 all community planning partnerships must develop and publish specific outcome improvement plans aimed at supporting prevention and reducing re-offending.

This legislation is underpinned by a core set of seven common outcomes, defined in the Community Justice National Strategy, and an Outcomes, Performance and Improvement Framework.

The Community Planning West Dunbartonshire Community Justice Outcome Improvement Plan was developed in partnership with key services and agencies that have a role in addressing community justice and reducing re-offending.  A Community Justice Executive Board has been established to take forward delivery of the action plan and development of future activities, chaired by the community planning manager. 

 The national outcomes have been split to reflect structural and person centred activities as follows:

Structural Outcomes – What we deliver as partners

  • Communities improve their understanding and participation in community justice
  • Partners plan and deliver services in a more strategic and collaborative way
  • People have better access to the services they require, including welfare, health and wellbeing, housing and employability
  • Effective interventions should be delivered to prevent and reduce the risk of further offending.

Person-centric Outcomes – Changes to users

  • Life chances are improved through needs, including health, financial inclusion, housing and safety being addressed
  • People develop positive relationships and more opportunities to participate and contribute through education, employment and leisure activities

Individual’s resilience and capacity for change and self-management are enhanced. We have developed an annual action plan and supporting measures which will evidence delivery of the national outcomes at a local level.  As required through the Act and supporting guidance we will be reporting our progress annually to the Scottish Government.

Community Justice Annual Report 2020-2021