Monthly Meeting 17 January 2022
7. 00pm: Online


Sederunt /Apologies

Fiona McGeachin.

1. Minutes and Matters Arising
Proposal and Acceptance of Minutes

• Amnesty Skip
• Allotments
• Dalmonach steps

2. Chair and Secretary’s Report

• Review of CC’s Scheme of Establishment.
• Y Sort It and Ladyton Centre
• Bonhill Community Garden

3. Treasurer’s Report

  • Incoming £0
  • Outgoing (WD Leisure) £0
  • Balance £

4. Replacement of Defibrillator at Ladyton plus the provision of another at the Community

5. Gardening Competition. We need to start NOW

6. Could we Invite the Councillors to Speak on their Manifesto, pre election??

7. AOB

8. Date of Next Meeting 14 March. Shall we return to “In Person” meetings

Minutes of Monthly Meeting - January 17 2022 7.00pm
Online : Zoom


Attending: Jack Fordy - Chairperson (JF), Cllr Jim Bollan, Cllr Iain Dickson, Fiona Jenkins (FJ), Nancy Malcolm (NM, Gloria Hendry (GH), Agnes Pollock (AP)


Pauline Larking, Fiona McGeachin


read and approved by: GH and AP.

Matters Arising:

Amnesty Skip - JF contacted John Sartain who advised him to speak to Andy Devine. He replied that this could be arranged but unfortunately not on a weekend. JF then proposed Friday 18th February as a possible date.

Allotments - JF has been unable to contact Iain Bain, despite his best efforts. AP suggested copying Andy Devine into the email.
Dalmonach Steps - There is no further progress with the funding at present.

Chair/Secretary's Report:

Review of Scheme of Establishment - This has now been sent to the council for approval. AP added that following on from last month's question regarding a complaints procedure, there is one in the handbook.

Y-Sort It - JF had a good meeting with Gillian Kirkwood from Y-sort it and expressed approval at the work they have already done at the Centre. It was suggested again that we alternate the location of our monthly meetings between there and the Dalmonach Centre and this was widely agreed. It was also thought that if we use this location for some of our meetings, we might be able to entice some youngsters onto the Community Council, giving it a wider demographic.

Bonhill Community Garden - JF met with Catherine Howard who expressed interest in tonight's meeting. There was a brief discussion about the transformation of the Bonhill Community Garden and this evolved into discussing litter picks and the huge amounts of litter in various areas.
Minute Taking During the course of discussion with Ms Howard she mentioned that she might be able to offer secretarial skills. This led to a general discussion about the always-present problem of providing an accurate record of our meetings and the additional strain this placed on the CC Members. JF thought that it must be possible to obtain the services of a professional Minute Taker. It was agreed that we look into this further This idea is met with approval!

Treasurer's Report:

NM was unable to give a report due to technical difficulties, but she is now operational with online banking.

Defibrillator - JF spoke with Colin Smith - he has offered another defibrillator and it was thought that we use our funds for the other one. There was some discussion around the best location for the defibrillator at Dalmonach, with McLean's shop being one suggestion. There was also discussion around the best location for the defibrillator in Ladyton area, with reluctance at replacing it back at the shops due to the high incidence of vandalism. JF contacted the manager from the Early Learning Centre, but they have gates which are closed so there would be an access issue. Y-Sort It would be willing to have it in their Centre and they plan to be open 'til around 9pm every night, so this option seems appealing. This led to a discussion on the possibility of erecting signs highlighting the importance of the defibrillators which would educate the local youngsters. The life rings at Bonhill Bridge were also discussed, it which had disappeared again at the time of the meeting

Garden Competition - We had a discussion around the need to begin to organize this now, with a view to having posters/leaflets ready for mid-March. FJ will run with this and will have a detailed report prepared for next month's meeting. JF and FJ also plan to meet with Catherine Howard from Bonhill Community Garden for advice.

Local Elections - JF suggested inviting local councillors to come and speak at the monthly meetings with a short "manifesto". It is hoped this will attract more locals to attend the meetings. It was agreed this would be a positive move and JF will further investigate the possibility.



Date of next meeting:

  • Monday 14 February at Y-Sort It Centre.